Sunday, July 1, 2018

Babuyan Islands: When Waves Form

Do you know how waves are formed?
I do not know too. But i just saw millions of waves forming...
Now I know why the expression "rough sea."
This morning, I saw those very big waves form in unison, and all i could do was pray. Also, that was supposed to be smooth as they looked like concaves. And it is liquid. It should look soft.
But lo and behold. The waves I saw are jagged like the edges of the chasms at Nagudungan hill in Calayan Island. From where I was to the end of the ocean. That when one falls on it, it seems like no one will survive its sharpness and be covered by blood. But that is water. But it looked like pointed. They looked like little mountain ranges. They looked like small volcanoes erupting out of the water. And you really do not know where to sail. This afternoon, the waves were coming from all directions and we seemed surfing the sea with a boat. And being in the ocean for a long time, I think I already was seeing bubbles in the water. I held my breathe with that push and splash all over me. And yes, not once but many. But those big ones that shook my senses, and jolted me, made me pray, sing, and pray over to calm the sea. There were times when it rocked me to sleep, but I had to open my eyes to witness not only the playfullness of the dolphins, but the harshness and hatred of the ocean. But whatever waves those were, Jay and Feric would be the best boat captains ever for now. And you may want to make an analogy out of this which will make it sensible to your life! This deep blue sea. Heyho, It is nice for me to be back. 😉

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